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What's this site about?

Compared to other numerous sites providing promotional codes on audiobooks you don't need as well as advertising coupons in an effort to enroll you into audible's paid membership, we offer genuine deals simply add credits and titles into your audible account as well as extend your paid audible membership.

What if this is a scam?

We can send 1 credit/title up front and get paid after you received it, feel free to contact us. 

Can I use credits on different marketplaces simultaneously?

Yes you can! Many customers don't know that you can use your very own audible credentials to login on all audible marketplaces and listen the titles on those marketplaces. For example, there's an audiobook you really like but it's exclusively available on, you can use your login credentials to login on and purchase uk credits from us then start listening in no time, the same goes to other marketplaces. To switch between marketplaces in audible app, first log out then select marketplaces at the front page of app.

Is it safe to apply into my own account?

Absolutely, we have a large customer base using our service regularly, saving money while using audible the way it is, all of our products are from legal sources and can be verified through audible. 

How do I send my title list or options?

You can leave a note when checkout, or you can reach us by using “Send note to us” function in main menu, sending an email to or on site live chat.

How do I receive my order?

We'll send your order info to your email left at checkout page, we'll aslo send a copy to your paypal email address. If your email isn't working, you can reach us by using “Send note to us” function in main menu, sending an email to or using site's live chat, we’ll make sure your order is delivered.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For products with Instant Delivery lable, there's no waiting time on delivery. Other orders will be sent in a few hours, occasionally it takes longer but no more than 8 hours, for orders sent over 8 hours we'll compensate more credit(s). We appreciate your patience.

Why I haven't received my order yet?

Sometimes the email ends up in your junkbox, be sure to check your spam folder, if there's still nothing, please send a message through site's live chat, we'll send back your order info there.

The payment option page isn't loading?

Please try using another device like ios devices or using desktop site. If it's still not working, please contact us.


Use this function to send your book list, requirements on order or inquires to us.